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On 25th Oct., China-UK Low Carbon College together with Edinburgh Centre of Carbon Innovation, will hold Climathon2019 Shanghai in Lingang, aiming at collecting innovative and effective solutions in “Waste management, recycling and utilization at Lingang” and facilitate to provide advice to build Lingang into a low-carbon city and improve sustainability. The application deadline is 23rd Oct., 2019.


Climathon is a global movement dedicated to solving the toughest climate challenges cities face today. Climathon2018 has recruited more than 5000 participants from 46 countries and 113 cities. This event needs the participation of people from government, industry, university and public to solve any challenges faced by the city during sustainable development. Participants will form teams to work together for 24 hours to brainstorm feasible solutions and business models that can be useful for the government to implement so as to develop a cleaner and healthier city environment.

挑战主题 Challenge



Waste management, recycling and 

utilization in Shanghai Lingang


Challenge Introduction


Since 1st July, it's been mandatory for individuals and companies in Shanghai to sort and recycle their rubbish into four categories, namely recyclable, harmful, dry and wet waste. How to encourage people to recycle waste in accordance with regulations and how to utilize waste from industry, agriculture, construction and kitchen to save energy and achieve the economic and environmental benefits? Shanghai Lingang is dedicated to becoming the pioneer of low-carbon and sustainable city in order to promote good health, sustainable living and create a city template for other cities to follow! Can you help to develop new solutions to support to make this happen?

参与人员  Who Can Join


Open to university students, people from government, NGO, enterprises in environment, IT, energy, sustainable development and transportation area.

活动时间 Time


8:30-16:00, 25th October, 2019

活动地点 Location



China-UK Low Carbon College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, No.3 Yinlian Road, Pudong New Area

奖品 Prize



Climathon will select two winning teams and prizes will be given.


Application deadline


23rd Oct., 2019

欢迎各位积极报名参与,点击阅读原文进行报名, 为气候变化和可持续发展贡献自己的力量!

Welcome for your participation and contribute your effort for climate change and sustainable development! Please click “Read More” to register.

( 信息来源:上海交通大学中英国际低碳学院)


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